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just adding the school's emblem on the uniform can increase the unity amongst pupils and teachers.

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Uniform Branding

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Branded School Blazer with School Emblem or School logo
Personalized branded Matric Jackets for high school
A person holding Camera showing Lence representing rofessional School Year Book Photography

Don't have an emblem? No problem, we can create 1 for you. An upgrade on the uniforms' appearance also requires an upgrade on the quality of the material. By increasing the quality of golf shirts and other shoe items, it saves the parents money in the long run and keeps the pupils looking neat and presentable in their uniforms.

We advice the branding of accessories like ties and creating badges for prefects, matrics, top academic and extra mural activity achievers. By simply offering these badges, it will create pride and motivation amongst students to aim higher so they can wear their badges of achievement with pride.

We also offer year books, where a photographer will take professional pictures of the different classes and extra mural teams, matrics and the school's teachers and management. Pupils can purchase these books as a keepsake that they can show their parents and kids in the future.